Guelph's Petrie Building Makes National Trust "This Place Matters" List

June 13, 2017


The Guelph and Wellington ACO branch is thrilled to announce that our Top Off the Petrie Building was accepted to be part of the National Trust of Canada's crowdfunding campaign This Place Matters.

Our Goal for this campaign is $25,000.   If the Petrie Building campaign reaches enough votes between  June 14 and July 12, the Guelph-Wellington ACO Petrie Building campaign can win $15,000 for the project.

What can you do to help?  Tweet, email, Facebook -- spread the word!

AND VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!! One vote is allowed every day from one email address - the highest number of votes wins the prize.

If you have not already done so - DONATE - donations earn extra votes as well as tax receipts.
Distribute the information far and wide through your networks.