The Guelph-Wellington Branch of the ACO received a $15,000 boost to the "Top Off the Petrie" campaign by winning the National Trust of Canada This Place Matters fundraising competition in the small project category.  This prize money has helped to boost the overall total of crowdfunding to over $38,000.  


But we are not there yet folks ... our goal is $100,000!  The Petrie Building -- one of Guelph's most significant downtown landmarks -- needs your help.  


Donate to Petrie Restoration

Petrie Building Restoration

Guelph's iconic Petrie Building is being restored, and we are looking to the community to save iconic upper section. The building owners are repairing the façade from the fourth-floor roof down to the existing base.  However, over the past 100 plus years, the iconic ornamental upper section which sits on top of the building has suffered extensive deterioration, several of its original decorative elements have been lost or destroyed due to a lack of maintenance, and its internal structure has rotted through.

The upper façade section is an intrinsic part of downtown Guelph, it rises above the building and also hangs out over Wyndham Street and is in urgent need of repair or it will be lost forever.

The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO) and community leaders and volunteers have kicked off this campaign with a goal of raising $100,000 to “Top off the Petrie” and to save the upper facade. The Downtown Guelph Business Association has jump-started the campaign with a commitment to match the first $24,000 in community contributions.

The campaign to restore this nationally recognized heritage resource is being lead by the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO) which will issue charitable tax receipts for all funds donated.  The ACO will also manage all funds, approve all budgets and oversee the project.    All donors will also receive permanent recognition on a plaque in the building’s new lobby. Don’t miss this opportunity to “Restore a piece of the Petrie” and donate today!

For more information see Petrie Building Restoration.

DONATE TO THE RESTORATION OF THE PETRIE BUILDING (sponsorships and non-tax-receipted donations)

DONATE TO THE RESTORATION OF THE PETRIE BUILDING  (and receive a charitable tax receipt from ACO)